Is Canon M50 Mark II Worth Buying?


The Canon M50 Mark II is a compact, versatile mirrorless camera that balances size, features, and image quality well. So whether you’re a vlogger, photographer, or just looking for a reliable and capable camera to capture your life, the M50 Mark II is worth considering.

One of the key strengths of the M50 Mark II is its video capabilities. It can shoot 4K video at up to 24 frames per second (fps) and Full HD video at up to 60 fps, making it an attractive option for vloggers who want a camera that can deliver high-quality video without the bulk of a larger, professional-level camera. The camera also has a microphone input and a headphone jack, essential for monitoring audio quality and ensuring you get the best possible sound in your videos.

In addition to its video capabilities, the M50 Mark II also performs well for still photography. It has a 24.1-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor that produces images with good detail and color accuracy, and it has a range of shooting modes and creative options to help you capture the perfect shot. For example, the camera has a unique Dual Pixel CMOS AF system that provides quick and accurate autofocus performance, making it easy to get sharp and in-focus images, even when shooting fast-moving subjects.

Another advantage of the M50 Mark II is its compact and lightweight design. The camera is small enough to take wherever you go, making it an excellent option for travel and everyday photography. Despite its small size, the camera feels well-built, durable, solid, and sturdy. This makes it easy to carry around, even when you’re out and about for extended periods.

The M50 Mark II also has many other valuable features, such as built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which make it easy to transfer photos and videos to your smartphone or tablet and remotely control the camera using the Canon Camera Connect app. The camera also has a fully articulating touchscreen LCD, making it easy to frame shots from various angles and adjust settings and menus easily.

Regarding drawbacks, one thing to remember is that the M50 Mark II doesn’t have in-body image stabilization, so you’ll need to use lenses with image stabilization or a tripod to get sharp shots in low-light conditions. The camera also has a limited number of physical controls, which can take some getting used to if you’re used to shooting with a more traditional camera. However, the touch screen LCD makes it easy to quickly access and adjust settings, so these limitations may not be a deal breaker for everyone.

Another potential drawback is that the M50 Mark II doesn’t have the same customization and control as more advanced cameras. This means that you may need to work within the limits of the camera’s shooting modes and settings, which can be limiting for some photographers. However, for most users, the M50 Mark II provides enough creative options and control to capture great photos and videos and to grow and evolve as you become more confident and skilled with the camera.

In conclusion, the Canon M50 Mark II is a solid and reliable camera with a good balance of size, features, and image quality. Whether you’re looking for a camera for vlogging, travel, or just to capture your everyday life, the M50 Mark II is definitely worth considering. With its compact design, high-quality video and still capabilities, and improved autofocus system, this camera is an excellent option for anyone who wants one that can deliver high-quality results without the bulk and complexity.

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