Can Canon M50 II Shoot in Slow Motion?


Yes, the Canon M50 Mark II can shoot slow-motion video, a popular and creative effect that makes time appear to slow down. Slow-motion video can add a dramatic and artistic touch to your footage and help capture important moments in greater detail.

The Canon M50 Mark II has Full HD video recording capabilities and can shoot slow-motion video at 60 frames per second (fps). You can record high-quality video footage that will play back in slow motion when viewed at a lower frame rate, such as 24 or 30 fps. In addition, the M50 Mark II also has a fast autofocus system, making capturing smooth and clear slow-motion footage easier.

In addition to Full HD at 60 fps, the M50 Mark II can also shoot slow-motion video at HD resolution at 120 fps. This higher frame rate lets you capture even more detail in your slow-motion footage, resulting in smoother and more fluid slow motion.

To shoot slow-motion video with the Canon M50 Mark II, you must set the camera to its movie shooting mode and select the appropriate frame rate in the camera’s menu. You can then start recording and capturing your footage. After registering your slow-motion video, you can use editing software to adjust the frame rate and create the final result.

It’s worth noting that shooting slow-motion video requires a lot of memory and processing power, so you’ll need to ensure that you have a fast memory card and plenty of storage space. Additionally, shooting slow-motion video can be more challenging than regular video, requiring extra attention to camera stability, lighting, and focus. A tripod or stabilizer is often helpful when shooting slow-motion video, as even slight movements can be exaggerated in the final result.

In conclusion, the Canon M50 Mark II can shoot slow-motion video at both Full HD at 60 fps and HD at 120 fps, adding a creative and dramatic touch to your footage. While shooting slow-motion video requires extra care and attention to detail, the results can be stunning, and the M50 Mark II makes it easy to capture high-quality slow-motion footage.

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