Does The Canon M50 Mark II Have Autofocus?


There is, in point of fact, an autofocus capability built into the Canon M50 Mark II. Furthermore, dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, which permits both speedy and accurate performance, is utilized in the camera, enhancing the camera’s autofocus capabilities. 

This technique uses two photodiodes within each pixel to detect the phase difference between the target and the background. Consequently, it can execute precise autofocus tracking and smooth focus transitions in still photos and video. In addition, the Canon EOS M50 Mark II possesses a 49-point autofocus system that provides coverage over a sizeable portion of the frame.

Because of this, it is a good choice for pursuing topics that are moving at a rapid pace. The camera also has Face+Tracking AF, which enables it to recognize and track faces and other objects, even when those subjects are moving. This technology allows the camera to identify and track faces even while those subjects are moving. Because of this, taking images that are in sharp focus is much less complicated.

The M50 Mark II provides users with a wide variety of autofocus options from which to choose, including One-Shot AF, Servo AF, and FlexiZone AF, amongst others. One-Shot AF is a single autofocus mode that is excellent for shooting items that are not moving. At the same time, Servo AF is a continuous focusing mode that monitors moving subjects.

One-Shot AF is a single autofocus mode that is excellent for shooting items that are not moving. At the same time, Servo AF is a continuous focusing mode that monitors moving subjects. Finally, FlexiZone AF allows you to pick a specific focusing point anywhere inside the frame, giving you additional control over the compositions you make. This gives you more creative freedom.

In addition to its focusing skills, the M50 Mark II is outfitted with various additional features, all of which combine to make it an exceptional camera capable of producing outstanding still photographs and moving images (video). 

The camera has a high-resolution electronic viewfinder, a fully articulated touchscreen LCD, and high-speed continuous shooting, making it a versatile and powerful choice for photographers of all skill levels. It makes no difference if you are a professional or an amateur photographer; the Canon M50 Mark II is a fantastic camera that can record video and still images of very high quality.

How Do I Autofocus My Canon M50 Mark II?

The Canon M50 Mark II has advanced autofocus features that allow you to quickly and accurately focus on your subjects. Here are the steps to autofocus your Canon M50 Mark II:

  1. Turn on your camera: Make sure your camera is turned on and ready to use.
  2. Select AF mode: On the top of your camera, locate the mode dial and set it to one of the AF (Auto Focus) modes, such as One-Shot AF or Servo AF.
  3. Frame your subject: Use the viewfinder or the LCD screen to frame your subject. Make sure that your issue is in focus before taking the photo.
  4. Half-press the shutter button: This will activate the autofocus system. You should see the focus points appear on the screen. The camera will focus on the subject that is closest to the lens.
  5. Adjust focus: If the camera doesn’t focus on the right subject, you can use the touch screen to select a different focus point. Simply touch the part of the image you want to focus on.
  6. Take the photo: Once satisfied with the focus, fully press the shutter button to take the picture.

Note: The Canon M50 Mark II also offers advanced autofocus features, such as Eye Detection AF, Face Detection AF, and FlexiZone-Multi, which you can access through the camera’s menu. These modes allow you to select the type of autofocus that works best for your subject.

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